Before clicking the link to myregistry.com please read how Sarne and I feel about gift giving…






First and foremost, Sarne and I have invited you to our wedding because we honestly want you to be there. Please do not feel like you are obligated to give us a gift. We simply want to share this occasion with you. We understand you may have to travel a long distance, it may even snow on March 1st. However what we want most is your company on this very important day in our lives. The best gift you can give us is you!


That is why, if it were possible we would have invited more than the few we have…


Some have expressed that they really want to help us in starting our lives together. Generosity and Reasonableness is why we believe they feel this way. For example some have told us, ‘I don’t want to give you a toaster if you already have a toaster.’ “Generosity is measured, not by the size of the gift, but by the motive of the giver.” These people say this because they want to give a gift that will help us. In one instance someone said ‘I don’t want to be the fifth person to give you a microwave.’ So they were reasonable in insisting on not giving the same gift. “Reasonable” in the New World Translation of the Bible literally means “yielding.”


Honestly we would not have made this registry if it weren’t for seeing how it may be the best way for someone to truly be Generous. However, if our registry stifles your motive, and you feel you are going to be forced to give something you don’t want to give, then please don’t click on the link.


In conclusion if our friends and family really want to give us a gift, then let it be from the heart. Taken from the 2013 Watchtower Article, Appreciate Jehovah’s Generosity and Reasonableness.



Scot & Sarne


P.S. As not to add further burden to you, if you find a cheaper more cost effective way to get some of the things on our registry, then please fill out the form below. Once you have purchased it, and filled out the form we will take it off our list. It is our hope that you don’t feel you must buy anything from one particular store, or even spend a lot of money. If giving us a gift is something you want to do, let it be how you want to do it.