Our Story

Hi Friends and Family!

Welcome to our wedding website! Thank you for visiting. We are very excited to be getting married and we hope you can join us for our wedding! However you may be wondering how this all came about… well, this is Our Story.

For many months Scot and I attended the same Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yet we never talked to each other. He was 22 and that would make me around 18 years old at the time. It wasn’t until that summer that we attended the same district convention of Jehovah’s witnesses in Dayton, Ohio. During a Saturday assembly lunch, I walked out to my mother’s car and discovered our battery was dead…

I searched through thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses looking for brother Kroeker to help me. I walked past two young, spiry brothers. (One of which was brother Kroekers’ son.) They were laughing and joking around with each other. Marcus Enrique I had known all my life, the other Scot Singletary.

When I approached the two, Marcus was laughing at what appeared to be one of Scot’s jokes. Marcus had short dark hair, he was a contractor, so his tan was reminiscent of such. While Scot naturally had caramel colored skin. I remember how impressed I was by Scot’s well-tailored grey suit and his beautiful smile, not one part of him was unkempt. I was Intimidated, yet I proceeded to asked them for their assistance. They gladly accepted to aide a sister in need.

I remember wearing a short sleeved jacket over my dress while thinking how horribly hot it was, I was very appreciative of these two brothers for what they were doing on their lunch break. They were having to deal with the glaring July sun just so they could help me. It wasn’t so bad because Scot kept things lighthearted the entire time despite the horrible heat. By the end they had jumped the car, and they smelled like one also. However neither got any dirt on themselves.

The only emotion I really remember that scorching hot day was of true happiness, Jehovah provided for my mother and I emotionally and physically. I even gained real Christian friends. Those friendships forged that day blossomed too! Soon one lead to marriage, and very soon it will lead to another!

Date Night

That day started a two and a half year long relationship of teasing and laughter. Often Scot would come over to my house to help my mother and me with odds and ends. Many of the things he could fix, we had no idea where to even start. So for compensation all he asked was to be fed, however some of the food he didn’t consider edible. Never the less he never complained. He always helped others, he truly is self-sacrificing.

Throughout our time together I don’t remember the actual moment I started to have a crush on Scot. So many times while we were friends strangers asked, ‘are you dating,’  ‘are you guys married, or maybe even family?’ I always denied the comments and tried to shield my obvious feelings, but they did not seem to work… When I look back on the time he and I shared as friends I can remember searching him out in a crowd at our Kingdom Hall. I admired how he held the attention of so many of the younger ones and even those older. How he could talk to a group of people and make each one feel as if they were important, I know, because that’s how he made me feel. His compassion and charisma brought people together and that’s what grabbed my attention.

But our happiness didn’t last…

After two and a half years full of good movies, hanging out, and fun every weekend, something horrible happened. Scot’s loving father passed away… Still he continued making lasting impressions on me. I remember vividly a talk he gave at our Kingdom Hall. At the end, I myself was brought to tears, so was the majority of our congregation. I was a little angry because I wish he could have continued… five minutes just wasn’t enough. The information will forever be engraved into my heart because of the depth of his words that day. He used his own fathers experience to reach the hearts of everyone, especially me, I am sure Jehovah was pleased also.

Then he silently moved to Philadelphia… It wasn’t until one day in service I found out about him moving away to Philly. That was the moment when I realized I was in love with him.

Her Love, His Love, TRUE LOVE!

It was a year and one month later that Scot walked through those doors to our congregation again, the same congregation we used to share every week. I remember being so nervous. (His sister in-law Margie had made me aware that he was in town, even though he didn’t want anyone to know.) I am so happy she did!

That morning I woke up super early and tried very hard to remember what Scot said he found most attractive. I put on my best clothes and did my hair to the “T”. I wanted to be everything for him, even if it was just for one visit back to Ohio. I walked into that hall and it took no time to find him in his black coat. He didn’t waste a moment to come over and give me a hug. A true Scot hug. We spoke as if time hadn’t passed before and after the Meeting. I couldn’t tell you what the meeting was about, if anyone would ask I’d reply by saying it was about Jehovah and Jesus. Even to this day having him in the same room with me makes me distracted. I can barely sit still when we are in the same state! Imagine how I will feel every morning when I know such a wonderful man loves me wholeheartedly AND hes just over in the other room!

Later that night on his way back to Philadelphia his brother Cris suggested he apologize to people who missed him. He explained how they felt because Scot just disappeared from our lives. So the first person that came to mind was me! Scot texted me and apologized for the heartache and time lost. I immediately forgave the man I always prayed constantly to see, and as they say, the rest is history.

Sarne Brewster

P.S. I love you Scot!!!